Arizona: Nation’s Highest Crime Rate Since 2000


Arizona once again has the highest crime rate in the nation, says a report from the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission cited by the Arizona Daily Star. Arizona leads the nation in overall crime rate, overall property-crime rate, and motor-vehicle theft. The state is second in larceny, fourth in burglary, and fifth in homicide. Arizona has had the highest crime rate in the nation since 2000.

In the last decade in Arizona, the murder rate increased about 11 percent and the rate of rapes increased about 13 percent. Between 1993 and 2003, the crime rate in Arizona fell by about 17 percent, but the national rate decreased by about 25 percent over the same time. Law-enforcement officials say Tucson’s crime problems are spurred by the drug trade, in particular rising meth addiction. “The kinds of crime that many neighborhoods are seeing are the robbery- and burglary-type crimes, the crimes that are a direct result of having a meth monster in your neighborhood,” said Brad Holland, deputy Pima County attorney for neighborhood protection. “The kinds of crime we’re seeing across the county, the uptick in burglaries is consistent with those kinds of crimes, with meth addiction.”


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