GOP Lawmakers Berate White House On Meth Strategy


A predominantly Republican congressional committee assailed the White House drug control office yesterday, saying it should scrap its failed national drug control strategy and craft an emergency plan to halt the epidemic spread of methamphetamine, reports The Oregonian. “This committee is trying desperately to say, ‘Lead! You’re the executive branch,” said Rep. Mark Souder (R-In.) Souder said that the drug czar’s office should develop a comprehensive policy that addresses meth’s unique potential to overwhelm community police, hospitals and child services.

Deputy drug czar Scott Burns told the panel that the administration would redouble efforts to deal with meth on a national level. Rep. John Mica (R-Fl.), berated Burns and other administration witnesses. “The meth issue is totally out of hand,” Mica said “We need a plan. I don’t hear anything that sounds like a plan. This needs to be done on an emergency, expedited basis.” Rep. Tom Osborne (R-Ne.) said, “Meth is the biggest threat to the United States, maybe even including Al Qaeda.”


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