Desperation Cited As Innocents Die In New Orleans


New Orleans police have stepped up patrols to slow the fast-and-furious triggermen threatening to boost the violent crime rate, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Top brass have demanded that their force get a grip on violent crime or face a shake-up that could result in the reorganization of police leadership. Some battle-weary residents fear that more innocent people will become victims before their quality of life improves. Said one woman, 64: “You got to lock yourself inside your house like a prisoner. This used to be the best block in the neighborhood. But after 32 years of living here, nothing surprises me anymore.”

Criminologist John Penny of Southern University at New Orleans said the lack of a strong sense of family and community in economically depressed environments is a prime factor that contributes to recent shootings that could innocent people in the crossfire. such deliberate acts of violence like Sunday’s shootings. He said, “The mind-set is that: ‘I don’t have a life; I don’t have hope; and I’m not afraid of dying. So I certainly don’t care about taking the lives of others.’ ” Previously, criminals operated by an unwritten street code that avoided confrontations where innocent people could be wounded. Such codes have long been replaced by a sense of desperation and hopelessness, where anything goes.


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