Top 5 White Collar Prisons Cited By Defense Lawyer


Co-author Alan Ellis of “Federal Prison Handbook 2005” has listed his top five prisons for white collar defendants for Corporate Crime Reporter. Ellis, a lawyer specializing in federal sentencing, says that prison camps are a cut above the available alternatives. Ellis estimates that 10 percent of the federal system’s 180,000 prisoners are in on white-collar offenses.

His list includes: Yankton, S.D., one of a “vanishing breed” of camps not connected to larger prisons; Englewood, Co., “a pretty laid back place.” Texarkana, Tx., featuring a pond stocked with fish; Sheridan, Or., 60 miles from Portland; and Pensacola, Fl., Naval Base. “The food is better. You are outside. I've had people who were taking care of the grounds at the admiral's house. The admiral's wife would bring out lemonade, invite the inmate in for lunch,” says Ellis.


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