A Fix Gone Bad: CA City Regrets ‘Traffic Calming’ Efforts


For years, residents of of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Cheviot Hills complained loudly to City Hall about traffic – with good reason. The affluent enclave of doctors, producers and lawyers has long been the cut-through of choice for thousands of commuters trying to get from the Santa Monica Freeway to Century City, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Under pressure from high-powered residents, the city years ago embarked on its most ambitious effort ever to control residential traffic–four-way stop signs, metered signals, road narrowing curb extensions known as bump-outs, re-striped lanes and right- and left-turn restrictions. Engineers call them “traffic calming” measures. But residents have now concluded that the solution was worse than the problem. “People have become prisoners of Cheviot Hills,” said one resident. The Times tells the story of a traffic fix gone bad.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/la-me-calming20jul20,0,4811321.story?coll=la-pacific-time&track=pacifictime

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