Since London Blasts, LA Bomb Squad Has Been Busy


Columnist Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times recently spent time with the LAPD bomb squad, which he reports has been “run ragged” since the terrorist attack on London mass transit two weeks ago. He writes, “People are more vigilant about abandoned knapsacks, calling in reports of anything the least bit suspicious. And that’s kept the bomb gang scrambling…”

“The unit, more than 20-strong, works out of a cluttered submarine-like office with narrow hallways, charts of the periodic table and confiscated bombs, grenades and nasty materials of every type, from the crude to the frighteningly sophisticated. Rocket-propelled grenade and missile launchers hang from ceilings, and Officer Jacqueline Hickey showed me a missile launcher found in the attic of a Hollenbeck home during a stolen property investigation. ‘I’m a bomb technician,’ says a sign on the wall. ‘If you see me running, try and keep up.'”


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