Kansas Uses Computer Photo Analysis to Combat ID Theft


Kansas is using computer analysis of driver’s license photos to combat fraud and identity theft, reports the Wichita Eagle. Each night, a Department of Vehicles computer analyzes facial features on digital photos taken of driver’s license applicants that day and compares them to the faces of nearly 6.6 million other license applicants to see that each face has only one identity.

The task is part of a state system that has halted about 400 cases of identity theft and driver’s license fraud since July 2004, officials say. Before the state installed the system, employees had no way to double check that a license had not been issued with that person’s picture and a different identity. Identity theft is rising nationwide, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Last year, consumers filed more than 246,000 identity theft complaints — an increase of more than 52 percent compared with 2002, the agency reports.

Link: http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/12166344.htm

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