Firings, Discipline In Atlanta Court Shootings


Fulton County Sheriff Myron Freeman in Atlanta told up to 15 deputies that they will be fired or face disciplinary actions for security failures related to the March 11 courthouse shootings that left three people dead, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A vice president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers said the mass disciplinary actions seemed severe because many of the deputies were simply acting how management had taught them. “It was the irresponsible and incompetent way this department was run for years that caused a lot of these problems,” he said.

Paul Tamer, who was assigned to monitor security cameras in the control room, said he had received notice that he would be fired. Tamer had expressed concerns about a change in procedure that would have the control room verify distress calls before sending deputies to investigate alarms. Tamer apparently followed that procedure and tried to verify distress calls he received on March 11 before sending deputies to answer the alarms. On Friday, an internal affairs committee loking into the events at the courthouse issued its report on what went wrong, including sloppy record-keeping and bumbling security procedures.


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