In Palm Springs, Ca., File Your Own Police Report


To save public money and free police officers’ time, Palm Springs, Ca., residents are being asked to file their own police reports – preferably via the police department’s Web site –for many nonemergency calls, including most noninjury car accidents, petty thefts, and some vandalism, the Los Angeles Times reports. “We’re going to find stuff to do now, more preventative stuff; we’re going to start hunting down the bad guys,” said police spokesman Sgt. John Booth.

Officers still will respond to hit-and-run noninjury car accidents or those that involve uninsured or unlicensed drivers, as well as any hate crime or report of gang vandalism. The police department esimates that it will be able to avoid responding to one call in 20, freeing about 4,500 hours each year of officer time and saving about $220,000 a year, mostly in administrative fees.


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