Hartford Merchants Want 44-Camera Surveillance


Hartford jewelry store owner Margarita Quinones would like to see dozens of security cameras on her store’s street, the Hartford Courant reports. Cameras were discussed last year at a meeting of the Spanish American Merchants Association the night before two armed, masked men tried to rob Quinones. The association hopes to have the state help pay for a $330,000, 44-camera system. Nationwide, the idea of fighting crime with cameras is gaining ground. Baltimore soon will have more than 150 cameras in its Inner Harbor area, its downtown, and some troubled crime areas. The $10 million program is modeled after similar ones in London, Chicago, and Jersey City.

Annette Lamoreaux of the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union said Hartford needs more police officers, not more gizmos. “Let’s say you’re having an affair,” she said. “You’re walking down the street with the person. Should somebody be able to subpoena those records in a divorce proceeding? The potential for abuse is quite staggering.” Responds Quinones: “If you’re going to do something illicit, well, go and do it in your house,” she said. “Because we’re not going to tolerate it on our streets, nor in our store, nor in our community.”

Link: http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-parkstreet0710.artjul10,0,2029544.story?coll=hc-big-headlines-break

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