Names Of Cosby Accusers May Be Disclosed: Judge


A Pennsylvania federal judge will not shield the identities of women testifying in a civil assault case against comedian Bill Cosby, the Philadelphia Inquirer says. The case was filed by a former official of Temple University’s women’s basketball program. A criminal investigation into her allegations that the actor drugged and sexually assaulted her ended without charges. One witness will be Barbara Bowman, 38, of Arizona, who said Cosby molested her when she was 18. “If we remain faceless and nameless, we are not people,” said Bowman.

The plaintiff’s attorneys have said that 12 women will testify to similar allegations against Cosby. Nine of them had asked for confidentiality. Judge Eduardo Robreno said the women had not shown “good cause” to keep their identities concealed. The witnesses had given a variety of reasons for seeking anonymity. One woman said she wanted to protect her elderly parents. Another said she has bipolar disorder and worried that stress from publicity would worsen her illness. A third feared humiliation.


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