In Budget Crisis, Detroit Pols Promise Crime Drop


Detroit mayoral candidate Sharon McPhail, who campaigns with former police chief Benny Napoleon as her prospective deputy mayor, says she can reduce local crime by 50 percent in four years, reports the Detroit Free Press. “We will make Detroit the safest major metropolitan area in the U.S.” says McPhail, a first-term city councilwoman. The primary election is Aug. 2. Napoleon, who served as police chief for three years under Mayor Dennis Archer, vowed to beef up crews to raid drug houses “365 days a year, 24 hours a day to take the profit motive” out of drug-dealing.

McPhail and Napoleon said they’ll work within a tight budget to make their plans do-able. Because of a city budget crisis, the Detroit City Council approved a plan that would cut $54 million from the Police Department. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has announced plans to lay off more than 600 police officers later this summer — nearly one-fourth of the force — because of the budget approved by the City Council to deal with a projected $300-million deficit.


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