How Eric Rudolph Evaded FBI In Fugitive Hunt


Former fugitive gave hints in letters to his mother who he avoided a nationwide FBI manhunt, USA Today reports. The search for Rudolph, who was sought for five years in four bombings that killed two people and injured more than a hundred, focused on the region of Andrews, N.C., a densely wooded area where Rudolph had lived.

Rudolph described in letters how he repeatedly crept into Andrews, a town of 1,600, even after scores of federal agents had set up their headquarters there. He tells of raiding Dumpsters and gardens, of stealing grain from silos and transporting it in a truck he stole from a used car lot. He feared he had been discovered during a chance encounter at a trash pile less than two years into hiding. “We did the best job we could do,” says Woody Enderson, the FBI agent who headed the task force hunting for Rudolph until 1999. “But to my knowledge, we never physically saw him.” Rudolph pleaded guilty April 13.


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