Arizona Searches For 1,000 Missing Sex Offenders


Arizona will begin tracking down nearly 1,000 sex offenders, many of whom are considered a potential danger to children, reports the Arizona Republic. The state has lost track of 957 sex offenders who moved without notifying authorities and are not included in an official registry. That includes 126 Level 3 sex offenders, those considered most dangerous.

Gov. Janet Napolitano calls the drive Operation Safe Neighborhoods, similar to the name of a federal anticrime program. The state legislature recently restricted the number of sex offenders on probation who can live in one apartment complex. There are 14,000 convicted sex offenders in Arizona, and 1,000 are added each year. The state will expand its unit that tracks sex offenders from 6 to 10. Once authorities think they have found a missing offender, they must correctly identify the person and make sure they do not mislabel an innocent person.


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