Fromme Gets Parole Hearing; Release Seems Unlikely


Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme, the “lady in red” who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975 faces her first and last parole hearing next month after serving 30 years of a life sentence in federal prison, reports the New York Daily News. Even if she were granted parole, Fromme – once a member of mass murderer Charles Manson’s “Family,” still would have to serve an additional 13 months because of a 1988 prison escape. If she’s turned down, she will die in prison. Fromme, 56, has rejected parole hearings since she became eligible in 1985. A hearing is now mandatory – and she must be freed if a parole board finds she is not likely to commit another crime and has not seriously violated prison rules.

Fromme is at the Carswell Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Tx. Fromme approached Ford on Sept. 5, 1975, with a handgun as he was walking to the California state Capitol. There was no bullet in the chamber and she said did not intend to kill him. Todd Clear, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, said that although parole board members might normally look favorably on a middle-aged woman who had served so many years, “they can’t afford to give parole to people who do these kinds of activities because they want to make the case that you can’t do this and get away with it.”


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