Chicago Police Post “John” List On Internet


The Chicago Police Department is posting on its Web site names and partial addresses of people arrested on charges of soliciting prostitutes, says the New York Times. The move is intended to embarrass offenders and deter people from committing such crimes. “If we can do anything to get a john to think twice about coming into Chicago communities to solicit a prostitute, we think we’re addressing the problem,” said police spokesman Dave Bayless. By last night, photos of dozens of men who had been arrested in the last month were posted. The photos will be updated daily and posted for 30 days.

Bayless said he was not concerned about posting photos of people who had been arrested but not convicted of crimes. “Every day in this office we send out mug shots of individuals charged with crimes, and newspapers publish those photos,” he said. Patti Buffington of Genesis House, a social service agency that aids prostitutes, worries that the postings could have repercussions for some people at home. “Is it possible for a spouse or a child to come upon that picture?” she asked. “What does that do with family dynamics, and will that result in domestic violence? I don’t know. That’s where my concern lies.” At least 16,000 women and girls are involved in prostitution in the Chicago area says the Center for Impact Research.


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