MO May Charge $60 Monthly For Probation, Parole


Tens of thousands of Missouri probationers and parolees soon could be charged a monthly fee to help cover the costs of their supervision. The Associated Press says Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation yesterday authorizing the fee, which is expected to eventually generate about $7 million a year. Missouri has 67,353 people on probation or parole, plus 30,132 in prison.

The state already charges $5 a day for offenders on electronic monitoring and $10 a day for inmates in community release centers who have jobs. The new law allows a charge of up to $60 a month for probationers and parolees. Thirty-seven other states authorize similar fees. “It’s a common practice across the country, and becoming more common as budgets struggle,” said Carl Wicklund of the American Probation and Parole Association. “The $60 is probably right in line with a lot of other states.”


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