Suspected San Jose Molester Kept Intricate Records


San Jose, Calif., police said a 63-year-old man accused of molesting two youths could be one of the most active child molesters the country has ever known, reports that city’s Mercury News. Dean Schwartzmiller was implicated after the parents of a possible victim went to police with a CD-ROM containing child pornography that the 12-year-old had allegedly gotten from the man. Police last month searched Schwartzmiller’s San Jose house and confiscated computers, pictures and seven hand-written notebooks filled with about 36,000 entries, many with first names and coded references believed to refer to various sex acts. Most of the victims were males.

Police said they are suspect they are onto one of the biggest child molestation cases in U.S. history. “If this guy is even a tenth as active as indicated here, then this is a horrendous case,” said Lt. Scott Cornfield. Schwartzmiller was arrested late last month in Snohomish County, Wash., on a California warrant. Police were trying to piece together a history of Schwartzmiller, who has been to prison on child molestation charges in Idaho, Oregon and possibly other states.


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