Boston, Boulder Tops in Marijuana Use, Says Fed Survey


Two college towns, Boston and Boulder, Colo., share another distinction: They lead the nation in marijuana use. Northwestern Iowa and southern Texas have the lowest use. For the first time, the federal government looked at the use of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and various other substances, legal as well as illegal, by region rather than by state for a report Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

For marijuana, 5.1 percent of people around the country reported using marijuana in the previous 30 days. In Boston, 12.2 percent reported using marijuana in the previous 30 days. In Boulder County 10.3 percent reported using marijuana during the same time period. Nationally, 20 percent of people age 12 and older reported one or more episodes of binge drinking, defined as five or more drinks in one setting, in the previous month. North Dakota reported the highest rate of binge drinking.


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