‘Prank’ Offers Glimpse Into Texas Cheerleader Culture


Four Keller (Texas) High School varsity cheerleaders put human feces on a pizza during a cheerleading camp, then returned it to the Fossil Ridge High School squad, claiming that Fossil Ridge had done the disgusting deed, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The incident amounted to “serious misconduct,” school district spokesman Jason Meyer said. Punishment could include sending the girls to the district’s disciplinary alternative high school. They could also be removed from the cheerleading team, he said.

The Fossil Ridge squad sent the pizza June 2, the last night of a four-day camp at the University of Texas at Arlington. Later, some Keller cheerleaders knocked on the door of the Fossil Ridge cheerleading sponsor and accused the rival squad of sending them a pizza with feces on it. They showed the pizza to the sponsor. After an investigation, the girls confessed, apologized and were sent home. Such behavior, once unthinkable, is increasing, said one expert. “This is not just an aberration. This is a trend that we’re seeing nationally,” he said. “Teen-age girls, they’re kind of where boys were in the 1960s. They’re no longer just pulling hair. … They’re more likely to do something anti-social, violent or even disgusting to gain attention and impress their friends, and that was simply not the case 20 years ago.”

Link: http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/news/local/states/texas/northeast/11908121.htm

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