San Francisco Wary Of Marijuana Dispensaries


Even before the Supreme Court last week upheld federal authority over marijuana, city officials, dispensary owners, and medical marijuana advocates in San Francisco had begun questioning how much of the drug was enough, reports the New York Times. Last month, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors imposed a six-month moratorium on new dispensaries after health officials counted at least 43 unregulated facilities, including one in a building where formerly homeless people were getting drug and alcohol abuse counseling. Even with the moratorium, there have been reports of new clubs setting up shop.

San Francisco police caption Rick Bruce police said more marijuana was on the streets than at any other time in his 30 years with the department. He said that while there were many sick people who legitimately turned to the drug for treatment, countless dealers had used the dispensaries as a cover for illegal sales. “It’s a huge scam,” said Bruce, who heads the station covering some of the highest-crime neighborhoods. “We see guys coming out of these places, and the only description I can come up with is that it looks like a Cheech and Chong movie. They are what you would call your traditional potheads; whether they have a medical condition beyond that is subject to debate.”


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