Defense Attorneys Assail Cuffed L.I. “Perp Walk”


The former school superintendent of Roslyn, N.Y, and his roommate were brought to court were brought to court yesterday in handcuffs in an embezzlement case, Newsday reports. The men were cuffed because their indictments contained new charges agains them, said a spokeswoman for prosecutor Denis Dillon. Veteran defense attorneys, several of whom had worked for Dillon, said the office doesn’t always follow that policy. “They did not have to have him surrender again and put him in cuffs and drag him from one building to the next,” said Bruce Barket, a defense attorney from Garden City.

“There is no question that the DA’s office and the police have discretion about how and when to handcuff a defendant,” said attorney Kevin Kearon of Rockville Centre. In high-profile cases, the defense attorneys said prosecutors often seek publicity by parading the defendant in handcuffs before photographers and television crews.


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