Lunsford Urges Tough Sex Offender Law In New York


The Florida man whose 9-year-old daughter was allegedly killed by a convicted sex offender – will ask New York lawmakers today to get tougher on the crimes, says the New York Daily News. “In every state, we need to make it a lot tougher for sex offenders,” said Mark Lunsford, 41, whose daughter, Jessica, was snatched from their home February. “This garbage is slipping between the cracks.”

More than a decade after the killing of Megan Kanka in New Jersey, many states still have what Lunsford and other child protection advocates call gaping loopholes in their sex offender registration laws. Lunsford has mixed feelings about the string of bills named after child victims. “It’s a legacy when they name the bills after the kids,” he said. “But it makes me mad that these lawmakers know what the flaws and they don’t act until something happens like what happened to Jessica.” New York State Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) wants to would expand the state’s sex offender registry, make it permanent, and force the state’s 20,000 freed deviates to wear satellite tracking devices.


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