Cold Case? Atlanta Indicts Dead Man On Pot Charge


Jason Warner was killed last fall, but Fulton County, Ga., prosecutors brought drug charges against the Atlanta man this spring, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says. “Judge, I think he’s dead,” a probation officer said when Warner’s marijuana possession case was called in court last week. The judge ordered the case “dead docketed,” a legal status akin to being in permanent limbo.

Warner’s mother, Virginia, said she was “shocked” to get a notice about a month ago for her deceased son to appear in court. He was killed in a shootout in November. “How would we have known he was dead?” said district attorney spokesman Erik Friedly. “If you write a story and say we indicted a dead man, it sounds crazy.” He said the district attorney’s office handles about 17,000 cases a year. “We just wouldn’t necessarily know unless we had some particular reason to have contact with someone who had presented [that information] to us. We had no idea at the time he was dead,” he said.


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