Handgun Proposal in Calif. Would Require Branding of Bullets


Dueling proposals to identify handgun bullets to help police solve shootings were approved by California lawmakers Thursday, despite concerns the requirements are impractical or would harm law-abiding citizens, reports the Associated Press. Ammunition manufacturers would be required to laser-cut each bullet with a serial number under the Senate bill, while the Assembly version requires guns to stamp identification numbers on bullet casings each time they are fired.

“With a simple magnifying glass (police) can read that identifying number … and determine who purchased that ammunition,” said Sen. Joseph Dunn. “This is a tremendous benefit for law enforcement.” Ammunition manufacturers said Dunn’s bill will either force them to abandon the lucrative California market or force them to install unaffordable technology to mark the 8 billion bullets they make each year. The bill would punish anyone possessing unmarked ammunition outside their home after July 2007. The bill would require purchasers to pay up to a halfpenny per bullet to fund record-keeping by the state Department of Justice on every handgun-caliber bullet made or sold in California.

Link: http://www.sacbee.com/state_wire/story/12994280p-13840904c.html

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