In ‘Cocaine Chronicles,’ Writers Mull the Drug’s ‘Cachet’


A new book, “The Cocaine Chronicles,” assembles a roster of more than a dozen literary and crime fiction writers to describe the drug’s sway and cachet, reports the Los Angeles Times. Edited by writers Gary Phillips and Jervey Tervalon, the book includes contributions by Jerry Stahl, Susan Straight, Lee Child, Emory Holmes II, James Brown and Bill Moody, among others.

Tervalon and Phillips said they were interested in diverse points of view to understand the larger effect of the drug, which they described as “the scourge of our times.” To that end, the stories offer glimpses through various prisms – mules, dealers, abusers and the abused. The editors said they were interested in the indelible mark cocaine left on the culture, across all lines – age, economics, race – and the nuances between the lines.


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