FBI Probing Death Of Baltimore Jail Inmate


The FBI is investigating the death of a Baltimore jail nmate who was allegedly stomped, kicked, and punched by correctional officers, reports the Baltimore Sun. Agents are looking into whether the rights of Raymond Smoot, 51, were violated when he was beaten during a brawl over the weekend. The death has been ruled a homicide.

A state investigation has resulted in six correctional officers being placed on administrative leave. The central booking facility where the incident took place has been criticized for failure to process arrested suspects promptly, crowding, and alleged inhumane living conditions. Smoot, who had been arrested May 3 on charges of theft and failure to appear in court, was awaiting trial.

Link: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/bal-md.smoot20may20,1,6478919.story?coll=bal-local-headlines

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