Atlanta Courthouse Security Fixes Recommended


A commission in Atlanta’s Fulton County has recommended changes after the March 11 courthouse shootings by a defendant that left a judge and others dead, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Authorities are still trying to sort out what happened more than two months ago; one official said some of the 70 people interviewed were not truthful about the events at the courthouse and later changed their stories when told that a “voice stress” analysis suggested they had not been honest.

Among the security improvement recommendations: Electrical power should be restored to courtroom cameras that are not operating; Sheriff Myron Freeman should avoid assigning a single deputy to escort high-risk prisoners brought to the courthouse; prisoners should be put in leg irons and not just limited by handcuffs; Freeman should make sure magnetometers at skywalks linking buildings at the courthouse complex are plugged in, and officers should be posted near them; “trap doors,” or slots, could be installed in doors of holding cells, so that inmates can be handcuffed with little risk to deputies.


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