“High Rollers” Get Away With Fl. Highway Speeding


Police call them “high rollers,” speeders who are mostly fast and furious young men. Last year, reports the Orlando Sentinel, Florida Highway Patrol troopers, Orange County deputies and police ticketed 342 high rollers for driving at least 100 mph. For every speeder who gets a ticket, many others never get caught. Most departments forbid high-speed chases for traffic tickets. “You fall behind and try to observe, and pray to God they don’t kill somebody. You just have to hope they stop somewhere,” said state Trooper Ed Dulin. “I’ve been praying a lot.”

Last week, a motorcyclist was killed and another was injured when a BMW going nearly 100 mph ran into them. A Sentinel investigation showed that young white men get the most 100-mph tickets. Three-quarters of the high-rollers are in cars, most commonly Hondas, Fords, and Nissans. An additional 12 percent were on motorcycles, and the rest were in sport utility vehicles, vans and pickups. A motorcyclist was clocked doing 131 mph on Epcot Center Drive at Walt Disney World. The penalty for a 100-mph speeding ticket normally includes a stiff fine of $305, the vast majority of high rollers last year avoided getting traffic-violation points attached to their license records, usually by attending traffic school. Officially they are not convicted, so their insurance companies cannot raise their premiums. Only 99 of the 342 people caught driving 100 mph last year paid the full fines for a speeding ticket, took the points on their driving records and had their insurance companies advised of their behavior.

Link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/state/orl-asecveryfasttix15051505may15,0,2277878.

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