Dallas Police Plant Beat-Up Patrol Cars As Decoys


Dallas police are leaving old patrol cars on sidewalks through downtown as decoys, says the Dallas Morning News. Even with no officers inside, but police say the paranoia keeps crime down. “The whole idea is to have the criminal element not sure,” said Deputy Chief Brian Harvey. Through April, Central Business District crime during business hours was 25 percent below the same period last year. “These are old, beat-up, stripped-down cars,” said one officer. “They could be auctioned off for a few bucks, or they could be used as an inexpensive way of deterring crime.”

Even if no one’s inside a decoy car or a tower, that doesn’t mean criminals should feel comfortable. Decoy cars are frequently moved and are checked up on several times a day, so an officer could be just around the corner. “There are normal people who might know they are decoys,” said an officer. “But that’s not who we’re targeting. We’re targeting people who come downtown, strolling around looking for victims.”

Link: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/051605dnmetdecoycars.aff804a2.html

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