Baltimore Police Issue DVD To Lure Crime Witnesses


To combat “Stop Snitching,” a DVD celebrating drug dealing, diamond-encrusted wristwatches, violence, and witness intimidation in Baltimore, the city’s police have unveiled their sequel, reports the Baltimore Sun. Officers in blue windbreakers stood in the middle of high-crime East Baltimore, around the corner from a block with eight vacant homes, and handed out the police production, “Keep Talking.” “The point,” said police spokesman Matt Jablow, “is to let the criminals know that we’re in charge, and to let the good people know we’re winning the fight.”

Local basketball star Carmelo Anthony, whose cameo appearance in Stop Snitching transformed it into a national news story, will condemn its message that people who help police should be killed. Anthony, a forward with the Denver Nuggets who says he was unaware of the video’s theme, and Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. will announce today in Baltimore a campaign to classify violence as a public health crisis. It’s part of a city law enforcement strategy, based on so-called Boston-style policing, that calls for communicating directly with people involved in drugs and violence.


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