Ar. Sends Technical Parole Violators To Rehab


As an alternative to more penitentiary time, male parolees who violate their release from prison on “technicalities” become candidates for a 60-day behavior-modification program established by the Arkansas Department of Community Correction, says the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. At the Omega Technical Violators Center, parole violators take classes on anger management, parenting and personal relationships, receive counseling and other help to overcome addictions and are enrolled in courses they need to earn a General Educational Development degree.

Besides changing their ways, the goal is to keep them out of a chronically overcrowded state prison system. During the past five years, an average of 150 parolees a month were returning to Arkansas prisons because of technical violations. Annually, the center is expected reduce the state prison population by about 1,300 inmates. , said Rick Hart, deputy director of the Community Correction Department. By using convict labor, the Community Correction Department saved about 40 percent on construction costs for the $6.5 million Omega center.


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