New Theft Worry: Golf Club Heists Reach $200M


About $200 million worth of golf clubs may be stolen this year, Don Stafford of Insurer’s World Evaluation Services told USA Today. “golf club claims appear to be on the rise,” he said. Six in 10 golfers say that either they or someone they know has had clubs stolen, says a survey for bag-maker Burton Golf. Burton’s Terry Andre says that fewer than a third of golfers in a 1998 survey worried about theft; the number is now 53 percent.

At the Brookside golf course in Pasadena, Ca., an employee chased a man who took two sets of clubs from a display and ran for the door. “I was maybe 20 seconds behind him. And when I got to the door, there was nothing: no guy, no car, no clubs,” Fisher says. “It was a professional job.” Today’s high-tech, high-priced clubs attract criminals. A golfer may have $2,000 worth of clubs in a bag.


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