Newspaper Misidentifies Two Men As Mob Figures


For two days this week, the Chicago Tribune has run erroneous photos of supposed mob figures. On yesterday’s front page, a man identified as mob figure Joseph “The Clown” Lombardo actually was Stanley Swieton, 69, described by the Tribune as “a soft-spoken Chicagoan who never figured he’d make the front page of the newspaper.” The man in the photo, under a headline asking, “Have you seen this `Clown?'” was identified as Lombardo, the subject of an international manhunt after he was indicted in a broad mob conspiracy.

Chicago Tribune Editor Ann Marie Lipinski apologized for the error. Lombardo’s attorney, Rick Halprin, had “verified” the photo. On Tuesday, the Tribune ran a photo of businessman Frank Calabrese, a retired print company owner, after mixing up his picture with that of jailed mobster Frank Calabrese Sr. in a story about the federal indictments.


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