Judge Jails Juror For Not Disclosing Arrest


Stacey Forbes, 19, of Broward County, Fl., has been jailed for a month for failing disclose an arrest record as a potential juror, the Miami Herald reports. Forbes will be released pending appeal of his 4-month contempt-of-court sentence by Judge Eileen O’Connor. Critics of the judge’s ruling say Forbes, a high school dropout, is close to illiterate, got tripped up on the jury form’s language, and became intimidated by the process.

Forbes failed to raise his hand when O’Connor asked members of the jury pool if they had any pending charges against them. Forbes thought he was asked if he had been convicted of a crime, which he has not. He was last month on a marijuana charge. Prosecutors declined to file charges, but the case was not dropped until after he was jailed.

Link: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/11447582.htm

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