Capturing America’s Least Wanted Man?


For a few hours Tuesday night, it seemed that one of America’s most wanted fugitives was holed up in a funky motel in Georgetown, Tx., says the Austin American-Statesman. Acting on tips from residents who thought Douglas Bowers looked like a double murder suspect featured on TV’s “America’s Most Wanted,” eight Georgetown police officers surrounded the man’s room and told him to come out with his hands in the air.

After Bowers quietly surrendered and police sent his fingerprints to the FBI for analysis, they realized they had actually nabbed one of America’s least wanted citizens – a 53-year-old man with no criminal history. The prints did not match those of William Fischer, a New Yorker who disappeared after police say he killed his terminally ill son and his son’s friend in 1986. Still, the “America’s Most Wanted” tip line got so many calls that the show sent a camera crew to document the capture. When police traced Bowers to the motel and showed the manager a photo, “He said, ‘That’s the guy,’ ” said a police officer.


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