Il. Parolee Case Shows Prisoner Re-Entry Problems


Ty Marshall of Illinois has done his prison time, but his felony conviction continues to haunt him as he is unable to find jobs or housing, the Southern Illinoisan says in a feature on prisoner re-entry problems. Marshall is one of about 33,000 adult parolees trying to re-enter society in Illinois. A Statewide Community Safety and Re-entry Commission and Working Group is designing a comprehensive re-entry system that will help parolees avoid returning to crime.

“The state’s rising recidivism rate is a long-term public safety and public policy challenge,” said corrections director Roger Walker. Marshall, who served a three-year term on a drug offense, said, “The system just treats you like a cow. Rehabilitation is a choice you make. It’s a choice you make every day when you wake up and put your feet on the floor.” Marshall said when he was released, he was taken to a bus stop and dropped off with the “box of junk” he had accumulated. The $10 bus fare he had been promised never appeared.


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