NRA Speakers Call Media Elitist, Biased, Ignorant


Speakers at the National Rifle Association annual convention, which is concluding in Houston, urged members to find alternatives to mainstream media –which panelists described as elitist, biased, and ignorant, the Houston Chronicle says. “We all know the media is biased,” said Cam Edwards, an NRA online talk show host who has worked as a radio reporter in Oklahoma City. “An anti-gun bias is prevalent in the media. But they won’t admit it.” Edwards, who acknowledged he also has some biases, said there should be more stories about gun owners who successfully defend themselves, and less coverage of celebrities like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. Edwards suggested that news organizations should have full-time firearms writers, just as they do for topics such as education and politics. He accused news organizations of lacking “intellectual diversity.”

Political media consultant Tom Edmunds, another panelist, credited NRA-financed television advertising campaigns in 2004 with the reelection of President Bush and Republican victories in key Senate races. He pointed specifically to the defeat of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.


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