In. Takes New Antimeth Steps Without More Spending


Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels yesterday unveiled three more initiatives to fight methamphetamine, says the Indianapolis Star. He proposed that state agencies join forces to address the problem without spending more money. Key changes center on addressing a backlog of cases at the state police crime lab and establishing rules to protect children found living in homes where meth labs are found. “There is no way to overstate the damage this drug is doing,” Daniels said. “And as far as I am concerned, there is no way to overreact. There is no step too strong to take in combating it.”

Knox County Sheriff Steve Luce, whose southwest Indiana county has been a hot spot for meth activity, said, “This is a priority. It’s ruined a lot of lives, and we have to work on it. It’s a community problem and a state problem.” Indiana State Police last year busted the fourth-largest number of meth labs in the nation. The state crime lab has a backlog of 7,500 cases, many of them meth-related. College student interns will help speed up the processing of meth cases. The state will standardize procedures for handling ed children who are found to be living in homes where drug labs are discovered. Daniels said an alarming number of foster care cases — as many as 40 percent in some areas — involve children taken from meth houses.


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