Eric Rudolph To Admit Bombings Tomorrow


An attorney for Eric Rudolph said his client is comfortable with his decision to plead guilty to several bombings, including one at a Birmingham, Al., abortion clinic that killed an off-duty police officer and maimed a nurse, reports the Birmingham News. The attorney, Bill Bowen Jr., said talks about a possible plea agreement had been in the works for at least six weeks.

Rudolph avoids the possibility of execution by pleading guilty to the bombing in Birmingham and bombings in Atlanta, including the 1996 Olympics blast that killed a woman and injured more than 120 others. As a trade-off, Rudolph told authorities where he had left more than 250 pounds of dynamite in the western North Carolina mountains, where he spent five years in hiding. Questions remain as to why Rudolph carried out the bombings. He has been characterized as a pot-growing white supremacist with fanatical religious views and a distrust for the federal government. His attorney calls him “an intelligent, articulate young man with his own opinion and ideas.” At a hearing tomorrow, it is unlikely Rudolph will make a lengthy statement.


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