Baltimore Chief Loses Suit Likened to “Dime Novel”


Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Clark has lost his lawsuit against Mayor Martin O’Malley, derailing the fired commander’s attempt to collect $120 million and return to his job, the Baltimore Sun reports. O’Malley dismissed Clark on Nov. 10, saying that allegations of domestic abuse, although unsubstantiated, had eroded the commissioner’s ability to lead. Clark was replaced by Leonard D. Hamm.

The lawsuit included behind-the-scenes disclosures about a high-ranking city official and expletive-filled wireless messages from O’Malley to Clark. One judge likened it to a “dime novel.” Clark’s lawsuit alleged that O’Malley fired him while the commissioner was investigating labor commissioner and O’Malley confidant Sean Malone over pornography found on Malone’s city computer. The computer had been stolen from Malone’s house and recovered by detectives.


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