Phoenix May Act Against Meth After Az. Doesn’t


Phoenix officials are frustrated with state lawmakers who won’t support a bill to make it harder for people to buy the ingredients used to make methamphetamines, so the city may make its own rules, says the Arizona Republic. Some Phoenix City Council members will draft an ordinance that would mandate that over-the-counter cold medications used to produce meth be put behind the pharmacist’s counter. “Clearly, we are losing the battle at the state,” Councilman Tom Simplot said. “And that defies logic.” The idea is to create a Phoenix-area ordinance and then shop the rules around to other area cities in hopes that they follow suit.

Pharmaceutical companies opposed the state legislation. They say it unfairly restricts sales to those who use the drugs as they are intended: to treat a cold. City officials say some proposed state legislation is weak because it doesn’t require residents buying cold medications to sign a logbook. “There’s nothing in there to stop a person from hitting one store after another until they get all they need to produce this drug,” Phoenix Councilman Dave Siebert said. “I wish the Legislature understood how much damage this does to our communities.”


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