Jacko Trial: Front Page News or Celebrity Spectacle?


From live updates on the news networks to nightly re-enactments on the cable channel E!, stories about the Michael Jackson trial have been difficult to avoid. But the Baltimore Sun reports heated debates at newspapers nationwide over whether the Jackson spectacle is news that deserves page one attention. “We’ve had lots of discussions about how to treat the story,” said Leo Wolinsky, deputy managing editor of the Los Angeles Times. “It’s a tough one. Page One tells people what kind of newspaper you are – a serious paper or a tabloid. Serious papers want to do stories that people are interested in and that they want to read, but they also don’t want to send the wrong signal.”

“Celebrity news appeals to the lowest common denominator,” said Steve Proctor, deputy managing editor for news of the San Francisco Chronicle. “It smacks of tawdriness.” Added the Sun’s managing editor, Robert Blau, “We’re not convinced this is the trial of the century.”

Link: http://www.baltimoresun.com/features/lifestyle/bal-to.media0330,1,2393980.story?coll=ba

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