Co. Schools Take Action On Student “Kill Lists”


Two Colorado cases this week show how school authorities are responding een to the slightest hint of troubling student behavior. A 13-year-old Laredo, Co., Middle School boy who police said confessed to authoring two “kill lists” has a history of being bullied. On Wednesday, the boy was arrested and suspended from school for writing the lists, which targeted black students. They were found in a student’s locker and near a bathroom sink. The boy, who is black and included his name on the list, said he was just trying to fit in with his schoolmates and was worried about getting into a fight. Questions about the boy and the school’s problem with bullies were brought up at a community meeting with parents last night.

In another incident yesterday, a Denver middle school teacher received a scare when she discovered a seventh-grade student drawing up a list of names in his notebook under the heading “Assassination List.” The teacher noticed the list, which included the names of two classmates, a teacher, and the student’s probation officer, and confiscated it. The student, who told authorities that the list was “meaningless,” was suspended and faces an expulsion hearing. “We sent a letter home to make sure all students know we take all threats, no matter what, seriously,” said a school spokesman.


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