Is House Arrest For Sex Assault A Slap On Wrist?


Philadelphia’s chief prosecutor is appealing a judge’s decision not to imprison a former University of Pennsylvania professor who pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting a young woman in his office, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Common Pleas Court Judge Rayford Means sentenced Tracy McIntosh to house arrest for up to 23 months. Prosecutors had asked Means to sentence the 52-year-old, married father of two who headed Penn’s Head Injury Research Center to up to 11 years in prison.

District Attorney Lynne Abraham said the sentence “is not even a slap on the wrist! To call it a slap on the wrist is an insult to people who really do get a slap on the wrist.” McIntosh’s attorney, Thomas A. Bergstrom, said, “It’s not a slap on the wrist – he’s lost his professional standing. He’s lost his job. He’s probably not employable in the near future. I don’t mean to denigrate what happened – it was inexcusable – but this is not a violent crime.”


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