Crime In Wealthy Nashville Prompts Disparity Worry


While serial burglaries in an affluent area of west Nashville have become a staple of the nightly news, some residents of lower-income areas with higher rates of the same crime wonder if their neighborhoods are getting too little attention, reports The Tennessean. Police say their resources are allocated based on crime trends and calls for service, not the neighborhoods’ affluence. The Tennessean looked at Metro police figures found that overall crime is down across the city this year.

Residents in the neighborhoods around a public housing project called Andrew Jackson Courts are more than three times more likely to be burglarized than residents in west Nashville, where the elusive thief has been on an 11-week crime spree. To catch the west Nashville perpetrator, police are using all-night stake-outs, keeping tracking dogs at the ready, and making frequent use of a helicopter that can pinpoint body heat in the dark. That intense attention is causing some north Nashville residents to feel slighted. The crime spree in the typically quiet part of town has been widely covered in television news reports and newspaper stories. Media attention has driven an increase in purchases of security alarms by jittery residents.


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