Balt. County To Bar Cops From Retail Gun Sales


Baltimore County police officers would be barred from work involving the sale of firearms under a policy drafted after officials learned that the weapon used in last month’s fatal shooting at a mall was bought in a gun shop owned by a county officer, says the Baltimore Sun. “It’s not a good thing for our officers to be involved in,” said Baltimore County Police Chief Terrance Sheridan. The county’s police union called the policy an “unnecessary restriction.” “It flies in the face of state law and the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights,” said Cole B. Weston, president of the Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police, adding that the union likely will challenge the rule.

A police spokesman said the policy will only apply to the retail sale of guns, and that officers who collect, trade and sell vintage weapons, for example, would not be affected. Officers already are prohibited from working at establishments that sell alcohol. They are also barred from working as private detectives. The gun used in the mall killing was legally bought and sold.


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