Pha. Mayor Asks State Help On Homicide Surge


With 77 people killed this year, including 22 in nine days, Philadelphia Mayor John Street has asked Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to help stem the rising tide of homicides in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Inquirer says. “Without your support to consider a rational, reasonable and balanced solution, we are stymied to protect our citizens,” Street said.

Street also said that the city is considering a moratorium on gun permits and is reviewing its policing strategy. Street asked Rendell to help change a state law that the mayor said “handcuffs” the city’s ability to curtail the sale of guns to criminals. Kate Philips, the governor’s spokeswoman, said Rendell would meet with Street. “He, too, has been shocked by the onslaught of violence,” Philips said, referring to killings including the death of a 9-year-old boy shot while sitting in an idling van Saturday.


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