AZ. Court Asked to Rule on Use of E-mail ‘Confession’


The Arizona Supreme Court has been asked to rule on whether an e-mail confession to a woman’s minister was properly used as evidence against her in a rape case. Korri Waters was convicted last month of having sex with a 16-year-old boy, based in part on a detailed e-mail that her minister turned over to prosecutors. Waters is now arguing that her “confession” should not have been allowed as evidence, reports the Arizona Republic.

Under Arizona law, discussions between priest and penitent is supposed to be sacrosanct. But Waters wrote her confessional e-mail to an unordained deacon, not a minister. The Arizona Court of Appeals has already ruled against her, and she has appealed to the state’s highest court. Waters, 29, was involved with the youth program at the Church on the Word in Glendale, Ariz. That is where she met her victim, the son of the church’s receptionist. He said he was curious about sex, and the married woman obliged by teaching him over a course of several months.


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