FBI Joins Forces With Mi. Agencies On Cyber Crime


The FBI has joined with a local law enforcement agency for the first time in Michigan to crack down on Internet crime, says the Detroit Free Press. Six detectives in the Macomb Area Computer Enforcement team (MACE) moved to an office across the hall from the FBI. The FBI spent about $200,000 on MACE’s 1,100-square-foot area and updated technology. The detectives will work with an FBI special agent and a local police officer to nab online predators and people who commit computer fraud.

Federal authorities recognize the need to bust Internet thieves and pedophiles, sais Sheriff Mark Hackel. Cyber crimes are at the top of the FBI’s priority list, behind terrorism and counterintelligence. “The FBI has a tremendous amount of assets and resources,” said Detective Sgt. Darren Bondy, MACE unit supervisor. “They’re the masters at this.” The bureau also plans to launch a similar partnership with Wayne County in Detroit.

Link: http://www.freep.com/news/locmac/cyber9e_20050309.htm

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